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Do you want to manage your small business stock?

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Do you need to manage your little business stock?
Can’t afford paying high priced inventory Software? Pocket Store is here for you.
With Pocket Store you’ll improve your supply with a inventory management system.
Inventory management System is a key part of the supply chain.
Pocket Store aims to manage the movement and storage of materials inside a store and little business.

  • Pocket Store helps you adding inventory to you store
  • Pocket Store removes inventory from your store
  • Pocket Store counts and corrects your inventory statics
  • Pocket Store helps you share, your inventory
  • Pocket Store manages your stock transactions
  • Pocket Store locates your stock
  • Pocket Store manages your store locations
  • Use the web based interface


Benefits of Using Pocket Store:

  • The whole system is synchronized automatically.
  • Using Pocket Store you can access your store everywhere from web browser or mobile device.
  • Pocket Store backup all data every day.
  • Counts number of Products
  • Pocket Store provides multiple users support
  • Pocket Store is perfectly customize able


In Pocket Store you can use a Bluetooth bar code scanner for quick bar code scan.
Using this Pocket Store inventory system you can now manage your stock, stockroom, replenishment, warehouse or repository.



  • Pocket Store uses your account, e-mail and third-party accounts information to make it run smoothly.
  • Information such as, but not limited to, contact details, personal details, employees, telephone number, e-mail address, location, IP address, cookies, inventory, transactions are stored and processed for the proper functioning of the service.
  • The stored information is only used internally by Industrial IT for development purposes and shall not be provided to third parties.
  • By using this app you agree to the privacy statement which you can find in the play store.
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